Top Beauty Publications Pay Increasing Attention to the Harmful Effects of AGEs

shutterstock_300548543.In a world that pays increasing attention to imperfections, the topic of glycation has become a much more prevalent concern. In fact, Skin Inc. published an entire piece dedicated to what glycation is and how it affects the skin.

Many beauty gurus tend to focus on maintaining the appearance of youth, making A.G.E.s a relevant topic to mass audiences. Many beauty-centered sites are offering information about A.G.E.s and how to combat them. According to Beauty Crib TV:

“The easiest way to minimize the effects [of AGEs] is to avoid eating foods high in sugar, and to definitely always wear sunscreen. Additionally, vitamins B1 and B6 inhibit the formation of AGE molecules, so try getting 1 mg a day of each.”

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What are you doing to combat A.G.E.s?

We recommend, of course, greatly reducing the amount of sugar intake in your diet. It is also wise to decrease red meat consumption and use slow-cooking methods on the meats you do consume. To fight A.G.E.s from the outside, keep your skin protected from harmful elements.


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