Third Annual AGE Awareness Day

AGE awareness dayJune 21 marks the third annual AGE Awareness Day! AGE Awareness Day is a day dedicated to increasing awareness of AGEs and the harmful effect they have on the human body.

AGE Awareness Day wasn’t launched on June 21 by accident. The AGE Foundation specifically chose that day because it is the summer solstice – the longest day of the year. It symbolizes how properly managing your AGEs can help you live a longer, healthier life.

AGEs are harmful compounds that form in the body when excess sugars combine with protein. These harmful compounds lead to premature aging and have been linked to nearly every single serious health issue that we suffer from today. Our AGE levels are every bit as important as the other major medical markers (blood pressure, body mass index and cholesterol), but while scientific research of AGEs has steadily increased over time, public knowledge hasn’t been close to where it needs to be at.

However, AGE Awareness Day is helping to change that. Since it was inaugurated in 2013, AGE Awareness Day has helped thousands and thousands of people learn about AGEs who otherwise would have been left in the dark regarding this important health topic.

This year, we hope that thousands more will become aware of AGEs! We want everyone to understand the importance of AGE management because just like the summer solstice allows you to enjoy the sunlight longer, managing AGE levels will allow you to enjoy your health and youth longer.

So to celebrate AGE Awareness Day, share what you know about AGEs with your family and friends! And don’t forget to follow the AGE Foundation Twitter account for a wealth of AGE-related news and advice, and like and follow the AGE Foundation Facebook page to stay current on AGE news in the media.


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