1This time of the year is synonymous with education, since the new school year has started. Well, even if you aren’t in school anymore, there’s still the opportunity to receive a vital education in AGEs thanks to all the media coverage about these harmful compounds.

We’ve collected a sample of AGE articles from around the Internet:

Eat right, beauty (Deccan Herald): “Certain foods are bad for your skin and can make you look haggard and old. Fried, greasy, sugary foods, foods made of refined flour, foods that lack vegetables and fruits, and a diet that is largely dependent on pasta, bread and butter spells doom for your beauty.

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joint-inflamation-illustration(375x500)Those who follow the AGE Foundation are constantly seeing articles about the role that Advanced Glycation End-products play in aging and damaging our skin, in addition to articles about various other health issues associated with AGEs, such as diabetes. But did you ever consider that AGEs could play a role in hip fractures?

MedPage Today did, having published an article titled “Glycation Product Linked to Hip Fracture Risk.”

According to the article, which was written by Cole Petrochko, researchers believe that patients with the highest level of serum carboxy-methyl-lysine are at the greatest risk of hip fracture.

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