Mental StressAs if slowing the aging process and avoiding body-deteriorating habits weren’t enough motivation to stay away from AGEs, more and more scientists are finding a connection between these harmful metabolic byproducts and serious mental illnesses.

The presence of AGEs is often indicative of oxidative stress, which is thought to be a contributing factor in the development of diseases including schizophrenia, ADHD, Parkinson’s, Asperger’s, Alzheimer’s, autism and even cancer. In fact, AGEs are believed to speed up oxidative cell damage, thus accelerating the aging process and increasing the chance of disease development.

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TruAge_ScannerMail Online, website for British newspaper Daily Mail, recently featured an article about Advanced Glycation End-products and a scanner capable of measuring them. The scanner’s technology was developed by Dr. Andries Smit, a member of the AGE Foundation’s Advisory Board.

Written by Bianca London, the article is titled “Is your roast chicken giving you wrinkles? New scanner reveals damage caused by baking and frying food.”

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The program for the 2013 International AGE Research Symposium, which takes place this Friday in Tokyo, was released today. The program will feature the following speakers and topics:

Dr. Shixin Deng, Morinda R&D, American Fork, UT, USA
“Iridoids inhibit AGE formation

Dr. Johannes Westendorf, retired from University of Hamburg, Germany
Iridoids of Morinda citrifolia and their possible influence on diabetes and AGE-formation

Dr. Yoshikazu Yonei, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan
“Skin AGEs and lifestyle behaviors

Bart van den Berg, DiagnOptics, Gronigen, The Netherlands
Measuring AGEs”

Dr. Sho-ichi Yamagishi, Kurume University, Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan
“Role of AGEs in vascular complications in diabetes

Dr. Vincent Monnier, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA
“Advanced glycation end-products as markers of complications in diabetes

The 2013 International AGE Research Symposium is sponsored by the AGE Foundation and AGE Measurement Promotion Association.

The AGE Foundation, in conjunction with Japan’s AGE Measurement Promotion Association, will hold the 2013 International AGE Research Symposium this Friday, August 30, at the Marunouchi Hall and Conference in Tokyo.

The event will feature renowned AGE experts, nutritionists, researchers, and doctors from around the world as they discuss AGEs and present research regarding the latest insights on the effects of iridoids on AGEs.

Following the event, several presenters will address members of the media and discuss the latest research on AGEs in the United States as well as the Japanese lifestyle and AGEs. Following the presentations, a Q&A session will be held.


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