Scientists confirm high-AGE diets lead to health problems

GrossLookingFastFoodAccording to Food Consumer, scientists at the Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel in Brussels, Belgium conducted a review and confirmed that advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) contribute to various health issues.

Food Consumer is an online food, diet and health news outlet. It addressed the scientists’ findings in a recent article titled “Advanced glycation end products linked to chronic inflammation.”

Among the health issues attributed to a high-AGE diet were chronic low-grade inflammation, as well as the increase of aging-related diseases like muscle wasting, kidney disease and diabetes mellitus. According to the article, the review showed that people on a low-AGE diet had low inflammation.

Meanwhile, they found an association between dietary AGEs and inflammation. The article stated:

“It is known that limiting AGE intake may decrease inflammation and chronic diseases related to inflammatory status.

Inflammation is linked to chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus. It can also increase risk of immune deficiency and people who suffer elevated inflammation can hamper their immunity against infections.

AGEs in high concentrations can be found in fries and bakery products.”


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