Negative effects of sugar and AGEs highlighted by media

shutterstock_109056116There is a seemingly never-ending stream of AGE-related articles in the media, with both print and online publications from all over the world educating readers about the harm that advanced glycation end-products can cause.

Many publications are talking about sugar in particular, and have stressed the importance of avoiding consuming too much sugar in our diet. The following are just a few examples that have appeared online recently.

High Blood Sugar Increases Cancer Risk (Epoch Times): “High blood sugar levels cause sugar to attach to protein and fat to form molecules called Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) which are known carcinogens.”

Anti-Aging Superfoods and Supplements Celebrities Swear By (Digital Journal): “Going back to diet, as an example, there is a process called glycation, which is one of the biggest factors causing premature aging and disease. It occurs when sugar reacts with protein in the blood, and forms something called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs for short). It is similar to what happens to a piece of meat when it cooks; the way it hardens and browns on the outside, this is exactly what’s happening to the body as a result of glycation. Glycation literally ‘hardens’ tissues in the body.”

Briefs from the world of cosmetic rejuvenation (Calgary Herald): “If your expanding waistline isn’t enough to drop the sugar addiction, this might do it: sugar is aging you. How? When sugar binds to a protein or fat in the bloodstream, a process called glycation, it creates a byproduct called an advanced glycation end product (AGE).The glycation process damages proteins and collagen in the skin, which can eventually lead to sagging and wrinkles.”

High fructose corn syrup and its effects on health (Phuket Gazette): “Excess fructose intake, when combined with amino acids from protein, also encourages the formation of toxic advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which are known to promote aging internally. This can lead to serious diseases, like heart disease and diabetes, along with external changes to the skin.”


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