More AGE articles teaching people how to be healthy

shutterstock_165369422It’s time for another roundup of AGE-related articles that have appeared online recently! These come from various parts of the world (the United States, United Kingdom and India) and from a variety of different sources.

The Strong Body, Strong Mind Connection (Before It’s News): “The control of blood sugar levels through the regular participation in exercise programs can also prevent advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) from forming. These AGE molecules can damage nerve cells and the connections between them, making normal brain function less likely.”

7 Summer Health Mistakes (Huffington Post): “Barbequing is a great summertime activity, but grilled meat can also pose a big risk to health. Grilling or cooking meats at high temperatures produces a number of toxic compounds, such as AGEs (advanced glycation end products), that can wreak havoc on health. Furthermore, commercial BBQ sauces contain sugar and … such, which increase the production of these harmful chemicals. However, research shows that by marinating meats in antioxidant-rich spice mixes that use beneficial spices like rosemary, ginger, garlic, or turmeric, you can limit the production of these harmful compounds while enhancing other antioxidant health benefits–and flavor!”

HealthTalk: Processed Meats and Type 2 Diabetes Risk (Kansas City infoZine): “Another potential explanation for the diabetes link [to sausages and hot dogs] involves formation of compounds called Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) that happens during processing and in home or restaurant cooking. AGEs seem to increase low-grade inflammation and oxidative stress and may promote insulin resistance, all together producing a metabolic environment that can lead to type 2 diabetes.”

Premature Wrinkles Bugging You? Check Out These 7 Triggers That Cause Skin Ageing (Lifehacker India): “If you have a sugar tooth, you need to watch out because you could be unknowingly triggering the wrinkles and making your skin age faster. Too much of sugar intake causes our skin to become dull and wrinkled. Excessive sugar in our bloodstream attaches itself to the proteins in our body and forms harmful advanced glycation end products or AGE. The AGE attacks the collagen and the elastin in our skin, making it wrinkled and saggy.”

How to quit sugar but keep yourself sweet: Sarah Wilson’s ten-point eating plan (Mail Online): “Sugar reacts with proteins in our bodies, changing their structure to form toxic advanced glycation end-products (AGEs), which accelerate the ageing process. Sugar makes collagen and elastin less supple, radiant, elastic and resilient and more susceptible to sun damage – just to complete the saggy picture. My skin changed dramatically when I quit sugar, within weeks – the tone suddenly evened out. I have fewer wrinkles now than I did five years ago and, to be honest, this is the factor that keeps me off the white stuff; when I do lapse, my skin is the first thing to suffer.”


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