Inflammatory diet boosts AGEs and death risk from breast cancer

donutsA recent study published in The FASEB Journal found that eating high inflammatory foods can increase AGE levels and the death risk from breast cancer.

The study conducted by Dr. Fred Tabung at the University of South Carolina was based on data from 117,510 postmenopausal women at risk of breast cancer. The participants were followed for 12.3 years during which 5,889 were diagnosed with breast cancer and 406 died.

According to Food Consumer, the study found that women with breast cancer who ate a high-inflammatory diet were 48 percent more likely not to survive, compared with their peers who ate a low-inflammatory diet. After adjustment for other risk factors, the death risk was still found to be 30 percent higher for those who ate the highest amount of pro-inflammatory foods.

“The problem with pro-inflammatory foods is the carbohydrates that can react with proteins, enzymes and amino acids and cause damage to these biochemicals. High concentration of sugars can promote the damage through a reaction called Maillard reaction, which leads to the formation of advanced glycation end-products, which are in turn associated with aging and other aging-related diseases like cancer.”

“Inflammation is now believed to be a major cause or something involved in the development of breast cancer and other malignancies. Pro-inflammatory foods that can promote accelerated aging are mainly carbohydrate-containing foods such as sugar or starch-rich foods including bagels, breads, candy, cake, cookies, cereals, cornstarch, corn bread, doughnuts, egg rolls, French fries, and fruit juice among many others.”


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