How a Mirror Could Eventually Save Your Life

MirrorEver wish that you could get a quick and easy daily read on your health? Well, an option as simple as looking in the mirror is well on its way.

The Wize Mirror, or “Project SEMEOTICONS,” is an effort at using the human face as an indicator of health and well-being. The mirror is intended to measure high cholesterol, blood flow and oxygenation to the face, blood sugar levels and even advanced glycation end products (or AGEs) in the skin.

Massimo Martinelli, one of the engineers working on the project, said:

“We want to give people the possibility to monitor themselves. We would like them to change their lifestyle, so we suggest information about diet, alcohol consumption, physical activity, and smoking.”

The mirror works off a series of multispectral cameras. One measures the amount of green light that’s absorbed versus the amount that is returned—this determines blood flow and oxygenation in the face. Another camera uses ultraviolet light to track AGE levels. A breathalyzer detects blood sugar levels that analyze the users drinking and smoking habits.

Learn more about this fascinating project by watching this video!


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