Happy AGE Awareness Day!

AGE Awareness Day_200Today is a very important day for the AGE Foundation, as it’s the second annual AGE Awareness Day. This global event was started last year by the AGE Foundation because of the lack of public awareness regarding advanced glycation end-products.

These harmful compounds lead to premature aging, and have been linked to nearly every single serious health issue that we suffer from today. Our AGE levels are every bit as important as the other major medical markers (blood pressure, body mass index and cholesterol), but while scientific research of AGEs has steadily increased over time, public knowledge hasn’t been close to where it needs to be at.

Fortunately, we are making strides. Both last year and this year, AGE Awareness Day has caught the attention of hundreds and hundreds of media outlets all around the globe, and countless people worldwide have received exposure to AGE information as a result. Meanwhile, this year people and organizations around the world are holding health and medical seminars, health forums, celebrity-sponsored public events, contests, and more in order to raise AGE Awareness.

So, make sure to celebrate this AGE Foundation day with some low-AGE food, and share your AGE knowledge with everyone you can. Also, follow the AGE Foundation Twitter account for a wealth of AGE-related news and advice, and like and follow the AGE Foundation Facebook page to stay current on AGE news in the media.


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