Australian website says avoiding AGEs helpful in fight to stay youthful

shutterstock_134323481Daily Life, a website with news and lifestyle content for Australian women, is among the many different media sources to write about advanced glycation end-products. It did so in its recent article “How to stay youthful, inside and out,” which was written by Paula Goodyer.

Goodyer wrote:

“We might think of Botox and cosmetic repair jobs as the big guns in the anti-ageing armoury, but how about a different approach – like picking up a set of dumb bells and putting down that bag of chips? There’s growing evidence that what we do to boost our health on the inside can improve how we look on the outside too.”

After delving into various forms of exercise and their benefits, Goodyer then wrote:

“As for how we eat, research into potentially harmful compounds formed in food during cooking or food manufacturing points to another reason to eat more fresh whole food.  We’re less likely to accumulate too many of these compounds, called Advanced Glycation End Products or AGEs,  that have been linked to skin ageing.

AGEs occur naturally in the body at low levels and can also result from the high blood sugar levels that come with diabetes or pre-diabetes. AGEs are also in many common foods, especially anything baked, fried or toasted or high in animal fat. Baked crunchy processed foods tend to be high in AGEs, as are coffee and Coke and foods containing emulsifiers – additives that help keep oil and vinegar together in foods like mayonnaise, says Professor Josephine Forbes from Queensland’s Mater Medical Research Institute.”

She added that studies suggest that AGEs harm the immune system, arteries and kidneys, and also accelerate skin aging by attacking the collagen that gives skin elasticity and strength.

Goodyer closed with the following dietary advice:

“Meanwhile, a good way of eating to keep the levels of AGEs low in food is a Mediterranean style diet where cold pressed oils, fresh produce and simple cooking styles with high moisture levels are on the menu.  Japanese food is another great example.”


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