As AGE Awareness Day nears, AGE knowledge increasing around the world

shutterstock_130539758June 21 will mark the second annual AGE Awareness Day, which was started by the AGE Foundation to bring attention to the serious health issue that is advanced glycation end-products. This is not a regional event, but rather a global one.

So, it’s quite appropriate that media outlets across the world have been focusing on AGEs. In recent months alone, AGEs have been covered by media outlets in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Bermuda, Australia, South Africa, the Netherlands, Romania, Lithuania, and more.

Below are just some of the international articles written about AGEs recently. You may not be able to read the language they’re written in, but they’re nevertheless a testament to the growing attention that AGEs are receiving.

Nieuwsbank (Netherlands)

Jurnalul National (Romania)

JI24.It (Lithuania)

Le Figaro (France)

Het Nieuwsblad (Belgium)

Scienza Mente (Italy)

Taipei Times (China)

Stuttgarter Zeitung (Germany)

Sankei Biz (Japan)

Elfagr News (Egypt)



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