AGEs affect eyesight and dental health, articles say

AGE-Foundation-blog-cover-15-7-31-01While much attention has been given to the fact that AGEs lead to premature aging and have been connected to ailments such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s, many people might not know about some of the other harmful effects that are caused by these compounds.

For example, a recent article from The Brain Bank linked AGEs not only to diabetes, but also periodontitis, an infection that affects gums and destroys the bone that supports your teeth:

“So, why do diabetics have an increased risk of developing periodontitis? Well, Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) arise from chronic hyperglycaemia and therefore are common in diabetes. It is these glycated proteins or lipids which have been shown to impact on periodontal deterioration.”

According to another recent article from Pro Health, AGEs also negatively impact our vision:

“Advanced glycation end products, or AGEs, are molecules that may be just as important as free radicals in many of the pathological processes associated with aging, including the development of cataracts. AGEs adversely affect the physical and biochemical properties of proteins and the tissues in which they are present, such as the eye lens.”

These articles illustrate the fact that AGEs adversely affect one’s health in a wide variety of ways, and thus show the importance of living a low-AGE lifestyle.


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