3 Worst Things to Do For Your Skin

shutterstock_194002763The physical quest for the fountain of youth is an age-old legend. However, the average adult spends a large portion of their time and income trying to combat the inevitable effects of aging. If you find yourself proverbially seeking that fountain, try to instead avoid this habits that increase the visual effects of aging on the skin:

  1. Load up on sugar

Your skin works off a system comprised of two key ingredients: collagen and elastin. However, when your body absorbs excess sugars, the amino acids present in collagen and elastin bond to the sugar molecules. This causes the formation of advanced glycation end products, or “AGEs,” which damage collagen and elastin compounds and make them difficult for the body to repair.

  1. Soak in the sun

The formation of AGEs is generally inevitable, even with limited sugar consumption. However, the process is further accelerated by unprotected exposure to ultraviolet rays. It’s not hard to imagine how too much sun could prematurely age your skin, but now you know exactly why!

  1. Eat A.G.E.-packed foods

AGEs can form naturally in the body or on the skin, but they can also be formed externally and consumed. One way to really pack the AGEs in your meals is to cook foods at a high heat. Opt instead for slow-cooker recipes to keep your AGE-count down.

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